Build a Charles P. Limbert style Coffee Table with Kevin Rodel

rodel table1-resizedAs a furniture form, the coffee table did not yet exist when the Limbert Furniture Co. was in production. Never less it was not difficult to adapt his unique styling to fit the low coffee table form. Kevin Rodel, a well known furniture maker, instructor and frequent contributor to Fine Woodworking Magazine will host this exciting week long class in August. This coffee table was featured on the cover of the January/ February 2016 issue of FWW and will prove to be a rewarding project which you should be able to finish completely in the week long format. Besides coming away with a completed table you will learn how to make perfect cut-outs, or negative spaces in a panel using the table saw. You will also learn how to plan and make up decorative grid structures and how to make and fit through mortise and tenon joints locked in with tapered wedges. In most classes we are unable to get to the finishing phase of the project but we fully expect to be able to get that started in this class. One of the hallmarks of Arts and crafts furniture was the use of quartersawn white oak which was given a warm deep brown color by utilizing a “fuming” technique. At the end of the class you will have the opportunity to fume your table with concentrated ammonia in a controlled safe enclosure should you choose to build the table in white oak. The table can also be built in cherry if you should prefer that. Please specify species choice when registering. Tuition: $795.00 plus materials   Kevin rodel_table2_web

Section 080116A: Monday - Saturday, August 1—6, 9:00am—5:00pm

Photos used with permission from Fine Woodworking Magazine

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