Build a Traditional Cabinetmaker's Workbench with Bob Van Dyke


In this fast paced class students will have the opportunity to build the traditional cabinetmaker’s workbench they have dreamed about! Let’s face it- the benches we build in the school during the year are great (especially for the price!) but nothing beats working on a traditional workbench constructed entirely of 8/4 and 12/4 rock maple. A flat top, wide enough to accommodate most work (24”), wooden bench dogs to hold the work in conjunction with the end vise, a sturdy shoulder vise, a tool tray to keep the smaller tools you are working with in one place and about 300 pounds of dead weight all make this bench a pleasure to work on. The massive trestle base joined with wedged mortice and tenons knocks down for easier (relatively!) moving. This is a great project to further your woodworking skills and is a bench you will treasure for years and pass on to future generations. Some homework will be required. The 4 weekend format allows students the time in between sessions to get necessary handwork complete. Sign up today- space is limited- and be ready to work hard! Tuition: $895.00 plus materials (payments can be made over the course of the class if you prefer)


Section 022010A: Saturday & Sunday, Feb20/21, March20/21, April 10/11 & May 8/9, 9:30 - 5:00pm

 (note: Bench we make in class will be very similar to the one pictured here. Image used with permission of Lie-Nielsen Toolworks)

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