Traditional Japanese Woodworking Techniques & Tools with    Andrew Hunter

Andrew Hunter 1In this weeklong class professional furniture maker Andrew Hunter will introduce students to the wonders of traditional Japanese woodworking.  From tuning up a new plane to cutting an intricate scarf joint, participants will gain hands on experience with skills that can be applied to any shop whether you use Japanese tools or western style tools.

We will begin with an indepth examination of Japanese saws, planes and chisels.  Through demonstrations and exercises students will learn setting up, sharpening and using each tool to their fullest capacity. If you are primarily experienced with western tools– don’t worry– The amount of information that is directly applicable to western style handtools and techniques is amazing!

    Andrew Hunter Scarf joint 800

The materials fee for the class includes a brand new, high quality 54mm Japanese plane. Andrew will work with students through each step of the process in setting up their new planes from out of the box to full working order.  What seems like a simple tool, a blade and a block of wood, the Japanese plane (Kanna) is actually a very complex instrument with many subtle qualities. This makes the Kanna Andrew’s favorite tool!  Watch out, he might even make you participate in a friendly planing contest with the rest of the class.

We’ll finish up the week by putting our tools to work laying out and cutting a kanawa-tsugi.  This intricate scarf joint is a perfect exercise for getting started with Japanese joinery.  Students will learn how to use centerlines and story sticks to make simple work of complex layouts and how to most efficiently use their hand tools to work to these lines.

Students are encouraged to bring their own Japanese tools to class. Andrew will offer feedback and assistance on getting them tuned and set up to work more efficiently. If you don’t have your own collection of Japanese tools (yet), no worries, bring what you have.  Andrew will also have a selection tools for students to try out. The basic set of tools suggested will be posted on the school website.

The materials fee includes a high quality Japanese handplane-" Kana" - Yamamoto plane from

Sign up today– This is a unique opportunity to learn some great skills! Tuition $845.00 plus materials ($215.00 + tax)

Section 071822A: Monday—Friday, July 18—22, 9:00am—5:00pm  


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