Turn a Solid Wood Goblet with Rick Angus

Rick Angus Goblet 2021 800A goblet can be an elegant project to advance your skills.  The outside is shaped using classic spindle turning technique but the inside of the bowl requires hollowing that utilizes an end-grain scraping technique which leaves a remarkably smooth surface.  Thin walls of the bowl are created by shaping the outside after completing the inside. 

We begin with a refresher on spindle turning technique and will use this to create a cylinder with a tenon.  Rough shaping of the bowl is spindle turning but the bowl of the goblet is done with a variety of scraping techniques.  The bowl shape is finalized with the spindle gouge and we then shape the stem and add small decorative beads and coves.  An undercutting parting cut finishes all but a very small stub on the bottom of the foot which is carved or danded off later. 

Join Rick for this exciting new class which will fire up your turning skills and have a great time in the process! Space is limited.

Tuition: $365.00 plus materials

Section 040222B: Saturday & Sunday, April 2 & 3, 9:30am—5:00pm

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