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Traditional Inlay Techniques for a Federal Style Leg with Steve Latta

steve_latta_inlay_legsOne of the most distinctive characteristics of period furniture, especially of the Federal period, is the outstanding ornamentation, in the form of intricate inlays of contrasting woods, patterns and complicated shapes. Craftsmen have been practicing inlay for centuries using traditional materials, techniques, tools and designs. Nationally known furniture maker, author and instructor, Steve Latta, hosts this unique hands-on class. Over the course of the weekend students will gain an understanding of the tools and skills necessary to carry out a variety of traditional designs, including patterned bandings, sand-shaded bell flowers and string inlay. Students will incorporate their inlays on a Federal style card table leg, which will provide them with a record of their work and a reminder of inlay possibilities in their future projects. Steve will cover both traditional and modern methodology, including tool-making, in this exceptional weekend class. Tuition: $255.00 (plus materials- $67.00)

Section: 042112A: Saturday & Sunday, April 21 & 22, 9:30am – 5:00pm


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Hi Bob,

I wanted to thank you again for the excellent woodworking fundamentals class. 




My name is John Jardin and it is an honor to hear from of my all time greatest woodworking instructors.