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 New England Style Inlays and Ornamentation with Steve Latta

threerural and an urbanThe furniture makers of New England, both rural and urban alike, made huge contributions to what has become known as the Federal style.  Stringings, bandings, pictorials and elaborate veneer work became the preferred method of ornamentation as the styling rebelled against what was perceived as the excesses of the Chippendale era.  In major urban centers such as Boston and New York, skilled specialists emerged with turners, carvers, upholsterers, joiners, gilders, finishers plying their trades in burgeoning markets.  Little information surrounds one such class of specialist, the inlayer, whose work reached its zenith during the Federal Period.  Rural New England cabinetmakers, with no access to the wares of the inlayer, offered their own unique interpretations of the neoclassic style with its architectural and naturalistic motifs.  Although perceived by many as the poor “country cousins” to the more established city shops, rural cabinetmakers such as Massachusetts’s  Nathan Lombard displayed incredible ingenuity in his designs. Nationally known furniture maker, author and instructor, Steve Latta, hosts this unique one day hands-on class. Steve will demonstrate techniques for making and inlaying stringing and sand shaded designs that were typical of New England work. Students will have the opportunity to put the techniques to use while inlaying a sample table leg. Tuition: $145.00 plus materials 

Section 041016B: Sunday, April 10, 9:30am – 5:00pm

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All I can say is WOW!  Mike Mascelli is absolutely terrific!  

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I took the weekend woodturning class this weekend with Cory Anderson and just wanted to let you know how fabulous I thought he was.

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