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Instructor: Phil Lowe 083_phil_lowe1.jpg

121_DT110011.jpgPhil Lowe has been involved with woodworking since 1968 and is the author of many articles in "Fine Woodworking Magazine". He is featured in the "Time Life" series on woodworking and in videos with The Taunton Press on " Carve a Ball and Claw Foot", "Making a Sheraton Bed" and most recently, "Measuring Furniture for Reproduction". His teaching experience includes ten years (1975 -1985) as an instructor at Boston's North Bennett Street School, where he was positioned as department head for the latter five.

Since 1985 Phil has operated a furniture making and restoration shop in Beverly, MA, producing work for the private sector and museums throughout North America. In 1997 Phil started The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts which offers hands-on classes in all facets of traditional furniture making. Phil has been a visiting instructor and demonstrator at various schools and woodworking organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

For more information about Phil or about the Furniture Institute of Massachusetts please visit his web site.

Examples of Work:
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Do you have contact info for Will Neptune?
I was really happy to share his enthusiasm and energy.  This was a truly inspiring weekend. 



Hi Bob,
Just a quick note to thank you and Will for an excellent experience in the Chapin Class.  I had to be home early and was not able to properly thank  you for the additional time on Sunday.  I have learned a lot in this class as I have in all of your programs.  I’ll see you in the fall.