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  • Another Rave Review for The Perfect Edge
      If this looks like shameless self promotion, well, it is. Please forgive me for basking in the glow of Norman Reid’s new review of my book, The Perfect Edge, The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers. Mr. Reid offers a chapter-by-chapter review that’s so nice it makes me want to re-read my own work. […]

  • Last Minute Invite for those in San Francisco
      Our friends, Sarah and Tobyn have been meeting with some real success with knives they’ve crafted from Hock Tools’ kitchen knife blades, and their other wood works. We received this invitation and website announcement from them: dear friends, we want to let you know this saturday, december 13th we will be at heath ceramics in […]

  • Glen-Drake’s New Website and Blog
    Glen-Drake Toolworks has just gone live with their excellent new website. Owner Kevin Drake is a discerning and demanding tool designer and manufacturer — and a good friend of mine for many years. Kevin always has a well-considered take on just about any topic, especially in the area of tool use, function, ergonomics and overall design. Unlike many tool […]

  • Rob Porcaro on Chosera and Nagura
    I have taken advantage of Rob Porcaro’s expertise and generosity a couple of times (here and here) in the past and do so again today with impunity. Rob has three recent posts on his Heartwood blog that may be of interest to you, the sharpening literati. The first is about his love affair with his […]

  • Adam’s Hock block plane kit
    Originally posted on Midnight Woodworking:
    Last weekend, Adam bought a block plane kit form Hock Tools, at the Woodworking in America market place. We finally had the time, this weekend, to put it together. Clamping and drilling the body I tried to let Adam do as much of the work as possible, but I had…

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Really enjoyed the class and the chance to get to know you a bit.  With my very limited skills I was more than a little concerned about how I would do and the reception I might get.



Thanks for a great class today at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking.